Hello and welcome to the official page of the Young Naturalists’ Nature Guide! Here young naturalists and fans of the series can meet, discuss the series, answer quizzes, play games inspired by nature and the series, share their findings, photo’s, ideas, and read updates on the series progression. We wish for this to be friendly enviroment that inspires more of the next generation to take an interest in the wonderful nature of the planet we live on. Feel free to join, ask about the series and take part in the many activities we have in stall for you!

Please take a look at our social media pages. We will post the series onto YouTube and below when it comes out! Join our chat at the bottom of the page to speak to other people and the cast. There will be a total of six episodes (released in 2018)

Who we are:

We are a group of young people who are very enthusiastic about wildlife, nature and conservation. We like to call ourselves the ‘Young Naturalists’ but we are only a small number, this is something we want to change now and for the future. If you are young and you like nature then please get involved in your local community and join charities. Or even get in touch with us and if you have any photos then we would love to see them.


Please send your photos to us!

We will display one photo a day that has been sent in. (Please state your age, first name and surname)


Photo of a Robin taken by: Darcie Parrott, Aged 6

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